Our Speaker Lineup
Rob Bell, CSP
Rob makes it simple, clear, and FUN to provide remarkable customer service and gain skills for effective leadership!
Juli Burney
Whether she is presenting a motivational speech or headlining a comedy club, Juli Burney is a well seasoned performer!
Kurt A. David
Can a man with experience be just as useful as a man with an education? How about both?
Troy Evans
Former bank-robber. Audiences are stunned by his endurance, accomplishments and remarkable personal transformation.
Drew McLellan
Social-media and marketing expert. Rated as one of the world’s top bloggers!
Ray Saint
Communication and leadership expert Ray Saint!. Former protection specialist for world leaders and celebrities.
Charlie Wittmack
World-class explorer, speaker and attorney who has been organizing major expeditions for nearly 15 years.

You’re driving down the road…music playing and traffic is just cooking. Every light you hit is green and you never even have to touch the brake. It’s effortless and you can’t believe how easy it was to get where you wanted to be.

That’s what working with Green Light is all about. Making it effortless. We’ll make sure that your travels are smooth with engaging, proven speakers. We’ll chart out the entire journey, making sure that every detail is handled, every concern is answered and that every member of your audience is thrilled with your choice.

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