Kurt A. David

Can a man with experience be just as useful as a man with an education? ...How about both?

Kurt A. David is a man armed with many unique experiences and an advanced education.  Let him lead your audience on a journey they will never forget.

Kurt has lived a life that many might envy.....as a pro athlete, highly regarded author, TV host, business owner, and consultant to world class athletes - he has gained invaluable firsthand knowledge watching people reach dizzying heights and - sometimes - subsequent slippery slopes.  Kurt's message is one that your audience cannot afford to miss.

Following a successful basketball, Kurt A. David was injured and prematurely forced into one of the most difficult changes possible; he was unemployed and had to walk away from something he loved. In good company, as 100% of professional athletes ultimately experience job termination. One can either succumb to the change and adversity or rise above the challenges and develop new strategies for success.  Armed with an advanced degree in behavior sciences, Kurt became a transition consultant for professional and Olympic athletes as they move from being sports icons to the next phase of their careers.

A masterful storyteller, Kurt relates to his listeners with stories easily transferable to their lives.  In the process of entertaining them - he offers unparalleled life lessons that are meaningful and long-lasting on overcoming failure and gaining success.

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Three decades ago an iconic campaign was introduced to the American public: "This is not your father's Oldsmobile!" The message was loud and clear.  This car is bigger and better.  A great change has occurred - and you're going to like it.

An outstanding motivator, Kurt A. David has a similar message for your audience.  Your “old” may have been good - but with refocus, strategic networking, and the right attitude, your 'new' can be even better.  Many people fear change.  KURT's mantra is to embrace it.

Mr. David speaks passionately about meeting change and adversity head-on.  Sharing his personal experiences, including a pro basketball career cut devastatingly short due to injury, he educates his listeners on what to do next.  Kurt recognizes the need for grieving what's lost - but understands that it's more important to move forward to the next great adventure.

He shares fascinating stories from his book, From Glory Days, about how 20 world class athletes made the transition from fame to a successful life in a new career.

People are living with personal and professional losses in these tough economic times.  We can't change where we've been, but Kurt A. David assures listeners from firsthand experience that we have a huge say in where we're going. Get the whole package:  pro athlete, high regarded author, TV personality, counselor, and entertainer - Kurt A. David


Recent Feedback:

"Kurt had the (doctors) captivated and on the edge of their seats...Great presentation!"
- Dr. Brian Gennero, President - Chiropractors Association

"Mr. David's presentation was wonderful.  Thanks for making me look great!"
- J. Webb, Government Meeting Planner - Corpus Christi, Texas

"Kurt is an energetic, intelligent, humorous, motivating speaker.  The (presentation) made me feel more positive about my life"
Rick M, Career Path Network

"What a terrific presentation and presenter!"
- Eileen R, SPHR Human Resource Consultant

"(Kurt's) very helpful in clarifying goals and focusing on the purpose of TEAM BUILDING"
Cindy M, Schoolhouse Montessori Academy

"Kurt A. David was inspiring and motivating when he spoke to our manufacturing professionals.  Although we've been recently hit hard his R.U.L.E.S. for facing Change and Adversity will help get us through.  Kurt put things into perspective and restored focus."
- D. Minor, CEO & President - Cadillac Casting, Inc. & Board of Directors
American Foundry Society

"...his talk was of immense interest, particularly because of his presentation skills and deep expertise.  (Kurt) was very entertaining as well as informative."
K. Gass, President - MENSA Organization (SE Michigan) 

"Kurt did a wonderful job presenting and his concepts are applicable to everyday lives" 
- J. Hall - American Business Women's Association


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